More PR insights with 5 new charts!

You spoke, we listened! We’re releasing 5 new charts related PR size and activity.

Pull Request Size Insights

Small PRs, released often are the corner stone of high performance engineering teams. Till date we gave you insight into your avg. PR size and the ability to order your Pull Requests on size in the table. From our conversations with our users we learned that you’d like to be able to dig in even further and understand how you’re doing in terms of PR size.

We’ve therefore introduced 3 new charts into the Work In Progress section.

  1. Distribution of # PRs based on lines of code, a left skewing distribution and few PRs in your long-tail is what you should be aiming for.
  2. Breaking down your PRs in 5 size buckets, it’s the 500+ lines one you should aim to avoid whenever possible.
  3. The ability to dig into the largest PRs during the date range you’ve selected and their average lead team.

Pull Request Activity

You’re now able to look at the quantity of Pull Requests broken down by date, repository and author. Quantity metrics are useful to help you understand where your biggest areas for improvements are. Be careful though to never use quantity metrics as a way to rank individuals, they do not work for that.


About the author

Eiso Kant

Eiso Kant is the Founder and CEO of Athenian where he gets to work on helping software development teams reach their potential. Eiso is a big believer of using data to support engineering teams in improving their processes and removing bottlenecks. Never forgetting that software development is about people and culture first, the tools we use just give us extra superpowers.