Excluding PRs, 5x performance, stage badges and a new volume chart

Excluding stalled pull requests

Stalled pull requests are PRs that have had no activity for a long period of time.

For many organizations using Athenian their product experience was biased by seeing their backlog of stalled pull requests included in the charts, pull requests section and stage metrics.

These PRs take up your attention when most of the time, they don’t really influence the current work being done.

Being able to review stalled PRs is important because they usually do require an action, either to be closed, rebased, or picked up to work on again.

To solve this issue, and offer a lightweight user experience, we’ve by default excluded stalled pull requests and decided to include a checkbox in the calendar that allows you to include them.


How does it work?

By default, any pull requests that had any activity (created, reviewed, merged, released etc.) in the date range you selected will be included. If you choose to select “Include stalled pull requests” it will also include all pull requests that are open but didn’t have any activity during this period.

Performance improved by 5x in the last 2 weeks

During the last two weeks our team has worked hard to improve the loading time of our product. During this period we optimized indexes on the database, added new layers of caching, and continued the work on our transition from live computation to precomputed data. Important to note here is that even with caching and precomputed results your data is never older then 5 minutes.

Updated stage badges

Before this release the stage badges would should the number of pull requests that completed the stage. After observing how people are using Athenian we’ve decided to change them to be the number of pull of requests currently in that stage.

When you now see the number 4 here in this review stage, it means there are currently 4 pull requests that have started the review process but haven’t yet completed it.


When should you use this?

If you want to have a quick glance on how much work is pending in each stage.

New Volume Chart

We’re starting to add some ‘simple’ volume charts that will help you put in context other metrics (see Speed, Volume, Quality, and Impact). The first one we added is the # of pull requests created.


About the author

Eiso Kant

Eiso Kant is the Founder and CEO of Athenian where he gets to work on helping software development teams reach their potential. Eiso is a big believer of using data to support engineering teams in improving their processes and removing bottlenecks. Never forgetting that software development is about people and culture first, the tools we use just give us extra superpowers.