ArchiveJune 2020


Excluding PRs, 5x performance, stage badges and a new volume chart


Excluding stalled pull requests Stalled pull requests are PRs that have had no activity for a long period of time. For many organizations using Athenian their product experience was biased by seeing their backlog of stalled pull requests included in the charts, pull requests section and stage metrics. These PRs take up your attention when most of the time, they don’t really influence the current...


Why we care about Pull Request size, and how High-Performance Organisations break down work


Nowadays it’s a common collaboration practice in software development to open a Pull Request. It helps your other team members be on top of committed changes and develop the best code you can, while also decreasing the number of bugs that the software contains. There are good and bad practices for delivering new updates. As engineering managers, we should look for opportunities to improve our...


Updated, more useful contributor filter


Today we released an important update that changes the behavior of the contributor filter. Before, if you had a contributor selected, the metrics would be calculated over all of the pull requests they were involved in. No matter if they were a reviewer, merger or author. Now when you filter on contributors, it will only include pull requests (and calculate their metrics) from which they are an...