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Added Contributor Teams!


It’s finally here! You’re now able to define your teams in Settings and filter on them using the contributor filter. Important to know: Any user is allowed to create, edit and delete teamsOne contributor can be part of multiple teamsAnyone who is not a member of a team will be shown as “Other” in the contributor filter Pro-tips: Create a team for your bots, allowing you to...


Why the Software Delivery Pipeline is important


How High-Performance Organisations improve their Software Delivery Pipeline to effectively deliver multiple times per day Engineering Managers are under constant pressure to improve their team’s output quality. Regardless of the contributions of each individual team member, there is always room for improvement in Software Delivery Performance. As engineering leaders, we are responsible for...


Launched Release Settings


We have released ‘release settings’ allowing you to customize what “released” means for each repository. There are 3 modes you can pick from: AutomaticBranchTag Automatic Athenian will detect if any tags were present during the time period you selected and if they are, will set the repository release strategy to “when a new tag is published”. If they are not, it will use the repositories default...